These dudes are cold, shiny, hard plastic: ‘Mean Boys’

Watch this, then imagine a guy playing the Amanda Seyfried character (who would’ve thought she’d arguably be the biggest star from this movie today?). Just over a week after October 3rd, the Mean Girls jokes are about to start anew, because this weekend, PW Upspace will be playing host to “Mean Boys,” a gender-flipping table read of the 2004 film. Yes, you read that right: guys will be playing the Plastics, and girls will be playing the guys.

Tristan Rodman ’15 and Tarek Shoukri ’15, who are co-directing and co-producing the read, were inspired by a series of live table reads that director Jason Reitman put on at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The series featured classic and cult movies that were read by high-profile actors—Rodman was able to catch the reading of The Big Lebowski in which Seth Rogen played The Dude. Together, Rodman and Shoukri were determined to bring something similar back to Brown’s campus: “After brainstorming for a long, long while (read: all summer), we settled on Mean Girls because of its emergent status as the high school movie for our generation.”

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