Beyond 4/20: marijuana treatment

Brown Visiting Lecturer in Ethnic Studies Marie Myung-Ok Lee provides a pointed perspective on medical marijuana in her three-part series for Slate explaining why she gives pot to her nine-year-old autistic son. Check out parts one, two, and three.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

A friend whose child was once diagnosed with autism, but no longer (he attends school at his grade level and had three developmental assessments showing he no longer merits the diagnosis), wanted to embark on a kind of karmic mission to help other children. After extensive research, she landed on cannabis the way I had. “It has dramatic implications for the autism community,” she says, and it’s true. We have pictures of J. from a year ago when he would actually claw at his own face. None of the experts had a clue what to do. That little child with the horrifically bleeding and scabbed face looks to us now like a visitor from another world. The J. we know now doesn’t look stoned. He just looks like a happy little boy.