How not to entertain your little sibling(s) during Family Weekend

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Full disclosure: if you can’t tell by our bylines, we’re sisters. We’re 20 months (but two grades) apart, which means that when Charlotte—now a sophomore—was a junior in high school, Meredith—now a senior—was a freshman at Brown. We hash out the dos and don’ts of entertaining your little sib during Family Weekend through the lens of our own Family Weekend experience. Take our word for it; we’ve been there, and we’ve certainly done that. 


Meredith: I was thrilled that my younger sister Charlotte was coming to visit me during Family Weekend of my freshman year. I obviously was excited to see my parents after the most formative (not really) one-and-a-half months of my life, but I was glad my little sister was coming up to Providence, too. For one, she would push my mother—whose boundless energy is often compared to that of Bob the Builder—and my father—who wants nothing more in life than to plant himself in a used bookstore for hours on end—to meet somewhere in the middle. (I naturally hoped this “somewhere” involved good food and shopping.) Secondly, I was well aware that Charlotte, already in the trying and arduous college-search process, would be considering Brown as a potential option for herself.

TL;DR: I wanted to get her drunk. Continue Reading