Chucking up the deuces

We’ve returned all of our library books to the stacks (on stacks on stacks); we’ve left our shining city on a hill for (slightly) more pre-professional pursuits; and the class of 2012 has walked through Van Wickle Gates. Reality sets in: Summer is now upon us. And while BlogDH may not be able to provide you with time-wasters for procrastinating at your summer job (we need to look good, too!), don’t go too far — we will post periodically throughout the summer to satisfy all your cravings for life in Brunonia and the glorious PVD.

We offer heartfelt congratulations to all of the graduating seniors on our staff, and to our current editor-in-chief and current deputy managing editor, Jenny Bloom ’12 and Talia Kagan ’12, respectively. Not to worry — we have succession plans lined up.

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