The 10 best rainy-day episodes of The O.C. to watch during Hurricane Sandy (Cohen)

As you gather your provisions for the looming Hurricane Sandy, you may find yourself searching for that perfect under-the-covers activity to pass the time. Look no further. We’ve decided to completely re-envision your most irritating Halloweek inconvenience this side of group costumes and blizzards — with a no-holds-barred marathon of the teen soap that convinced you to apply to Brown in the first place.

Welcome to The O.C., bitch.

These are BlogDailyHerald’s top ten episodes of The O.C. accompanied by the musical moments that made them so damned unforgettable, after the jump.

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What your favorite middle school flash animation says about you

For most of us, watching flash animations from sites like Ebaum’s WorldWeebl’s Stuff, and Albino Blacksheep were our middle school methods of procrastination that kept us from doing our chores and our “homework” (when homework = BrainPOP and Fizz & Martina). Now far removed from the middle school experience, it’s always hilarious to look back and watch the videos that were our principal sources of distraction. So, what does your favorite flash video say about you? Full breakdown and analysis after the jump.

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