Study break of the day: The Miniclip top 10

I warn you now, you might feel like you’re back in 4th-6th grade when you take this study break. You also might never get back to work. For many, particularly those who grew up without a console gaming system (GameCube, PS2, etc.) was the ultimate center of online fun. There was what felt like an infinite amount of games for people of all interests. Entire playdates were dedicated to beating certain levels of Acno’s Energizer (more on that later). In order to exponentially increase the likelihood of you adding Miniclip to your SelfControl blacklist and take you on a walk down memory lane, we’ve put together the top 10 – in no particular order – all-time Miniclip games. Check them out after the jump, and feel free to comment with any you think we missed. Continue Reading