Drunk/Sober/High: Mister Sister

One snowy Saturday, three bloggers decided to get drunk, sober, and high and go to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Upon arrival, they were informed that the wait time was over two hours. After contemplating bribing small children with candy for their special orange Sky Zone socks or sneaking into an 8-year-old’s birthday party, they decided it would be best to put their jumping plans on hold. What was Plan B, you might ask? No, not ceramics painting, or attending the Providence Children’s Museum. The bloggers decided to venture to Wickenden Street’s own sex shop, Mister Sister. There, they stumbled upon a variety of edible sex items and decided to try–or in this case just taste–them. 


A taste (get it?!) of what’s to come…

High: I’ve been to Mister Sister before (guilty), but never bought anything. I think I might want to touch everything. I hope the employee working there can’t tell I’m high. Wow, I never realized how many random fucking fast food restaurants there are in Rhode Island.

This place is awesome and freaky at the same time. If you’ve never been in, you should go. I’ve always wondered why we have a campus sex shop and not, like, a chopped salad restaurant. I know those things are completely unrelated, but I think I’m still angry about Skewers. Such a waste of space.

Drunk: I didn’t realize just how many shapes could be transformed into a vibrator. Some look like small pebbles that you could skip across a river, while others resemble Gumby. Christian’s Grey’s character makes more sense after flipping boxes to find the price tags – most “toys” were $60+. My budget doesn’t really cover kinky at the moment.

Sober: Drunk is giggling to herself. High keeps touching everything, which for some reason makes me uncomfortable even though I know the display products are clean. Some of these vibrators are so small and cute!!!

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Your guide to the Holiday Hornies

Who knew that rocks were so into foreplay?

Who knew that rocks were so into foreplay?

Nothing makes us think about love quite like finals do. You’re trying to think of a good topic for your Comp. Lit essay, and dammit, your mind wanders off to your crush. You’re studying for a Geo exam and you come across the term “fold and thrust mountains”…COME ON GEO!

You guys get the picture—there is nothing like locking yourself in the SciLi for ten hours to get you hot and bothered. But, it’s worse than usual now, because finals are smack in the middle of holiday season. Enter the “Holiday Hornies.” Everyone knows that the holidays are an extremely sensual and romantic time. Christmas is such a powerful aphrodisiac that it made renowned singer Eartha Kitt consider sleeping with Santa Claus, and she was way out of his league!

Here are some ways to cash in on the spirit of the “holiday finals,” whether it be a one night stand or just getting to know someone better: Continue Reading