Mocha held under Imperius Curse?

Mysterious happenings at Hogwarts Brown.

While perusing Mocha with a few other BlogDailyStaffers yesterday, we came across a perplexing addition to the HIST1976P: Seeing/Reading/Making Brown page–
Confused by the incongruous addition of the 7th and final book in the Harry Potter series to the otherwise seemingly accurate reading list, we consulted the professor for the course, Jane L. Lancaster, resident Brunonia historian.  Her response? “I ordered no such thing!!” Definitely mysterious, but a dead end.  That is, until we came across the mystical listing on two more class pages: Continue Reading

1, 2, 3….procrastinate

Fall 2011 courses are up on Mocha!

Isn’t imaginary, future homework so much better than whatever terrible midterm you’re currently studying for? Yeah, it definitely is.

But don’t worry, you’re going to be the best student ever next semester. You’ll finally figure out the perfect schedule. You’ll wake up early — but not too early. You’ll do all the readings and participate in class all the time. You’ll go to every single lecture. Well, most of them.

The odd thing is that while Fall 2011 course offerings are up on Mocha, they’re still not listed on the official Brown Course Scheduler. Wassadeal, Banner?

The magic of numbers? Really?

New York Magazine’s Daily Intel compiled a list of “ridiculous-sounding math classes” from a smattering of Liberal Arts schools around the country.  While none of the courses on the list are offered by the Mathematics Department here at Brown (except Topology), they all do really sound like some of the ridiculous things one tends to come across while clicking through Mocha (which has Spring ’11 courses up, by the way!).

Mocha temporarily decaffeinated

Students are in low-key crisis mode, and classes haven’t even started.

Mocha — the brainchild of some computer science students and Banner’s supposedly superior sibling — is down, leaving everyone except freshmen (who registered at 5 p.m., before the crash) blindly casting about for the elusive fourth class.

“I think it’s more stressful and inconvenient for upperclassmen,” said Kara Ramos ’12, a Meiklejohn adviser.

At least Banner is still working. Even if it’s chromatically challenged and doesn’t go as well with whipped cream.

UPDATE (3:40 p.m. Wednesday) Mocha appears to be back online. Looks like the problem has been solved. Cue deep sighs of relief.