I think that was The Emmys…

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Most of Emmy night is a blur for me due to a mixture of wine, confusing montages of the civil rights thrown in by the Emmy Academy, and the fact that everyone I was with wanted to play games rather than watch. Of course, the show was just about the longest thing ever, probably because nothing that went on made absolutely any sense. In exploring last night’s award show absurdity, we will divide all confusions and atrocities into three categories: 1) Fashion (aka WTF are you wearing?!) 2) Upsets (aka WTF they won?!) and 3) Everything Else (aka WTF is going on?!) Continue Reading

Julie Bowen ’91 to speak at Brown

It’s happening!

Still swooning over John Krasinski ’01’s Q&A madness last fall? If you’re a freshman and couldn’t experience this awesomeness, don’t worry, because Brown Lecture Board has done it again. Fresh off an Emmy win, Julie Bowen ’91 of “Modern Family” fame will grace us with her presence in Salomon for another Q&A on Wednesday, October 24. As per usual, you can line up in the Kasper Multipurpose Room on Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23 to get tickets, which will be available beginning at 12 p.m. on both days. You know the drill: one ticket per Brown or RISD ID, and only two Brown or RISD IDs per person. Don’t get smart.

Start drafting your questions. I hope they’re something along the lines of… Can you do your Sofia Vergara impersonation plz?! (Forward to the 2:00 mark.)

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