Monsters: High school friends revisited

I had a fairly idyllic high school experience. Having gone to a nerdy magnet school, I was able to have a modicum of popularity, and I seized it: I played the Fairy Godcalculator in the high school skit (I can make all your trignometry wishes come true!) and hosted cool balloon animal-themed parties. Every year, I return to the Washington D.C. area excited to revisit my roots and perhaps have an unedited LOTR marathon. And for the most part, it’s been great.

But college has not worked in everybody’s favor. Sometimes, you return for break and find that a university has taken your high school besties and created… monsters. And not in the way of the most anticipated blockbuster of summer 2013.

It’s only upon returning to Brown that one can come to appreciate how these monsters function. Through observations, hearsay, and a couple of incredibly awkward parties, I have compiled a list of the most monster-like high school archetypes: Continue Reading

Study break of the day: Monsters, Inc. 3D comes out today

You probably couldn’t love Monsters, Inc. any more than you already do. But, starting today, you have a whole new reason to love it: Mike and Sulley are back on the silver screen, and this time, they’re in 3D. Picture it: Flying doors, scary monsters, Roz’s hair all in three dimensions (although you may want to avert your eyes from the screen when they zoom in on her mole). The movie is playing both at Providence Place and in Seekonk. Watching monsters jump out of closet doors will definitely help you get your sanity back after Neuro. Maybe.