“In Deo Speramus”: An open call to revive our motto

Let’s face it, sports at Brown are what they are. So you could imagine the perplexity that I experience when I hear my friends at larger schools with D-1 football teams chanting these dreadfully esoteric expressions such as “Go Blue,” “Hook Em’ Horns,” or, very popular among my Trojan buddies, “Fight On.” Thankfully, I have “In Deo Speramus.” How’s that for esoteric?

Go Bears

It’s been a while since we’ve used this motto in daily conversation. I think we should revive it. Let me tell you why.

“In Deo Speramus” is a versatile expression. It can be used triumphantly, in times of happiness or success. But it can also be used more literally, to affirm optimism in times of expectation, grief, or distress: just before the Spring Weekend lineup is announced, upon seeing Jesse Waters on campus, or even before attempting to connect to Brown-Secure.

For your convenience, because we know you must be so eager to go out and employ the old motto, we’ve created a list of more times when it is both within the realm of social acceptability and rhetorically fruitful to say “In Deo Speramus.” We think it’s best said in a sort of wizardly, antiquated voice, as if read by a Medieval serf making a decree. Be careful with that, though, at least until it catches on.

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