Brunos Working Out: 9 Stairmaster Stereotypes

Home is where the heart most delicious food in the world is. Let’s be real: you ate so much food this weekend. The Thanksgiving ham may not be the only thing in your house that’s looking porky — five days at home have turned into five days of gluttony and voracity. Over the past few days, has your food baby grown to be the size of Beyonce’s fetus? Have your jeans gotten tighter and tighter, and are sweatpants are the only things that fit you right now?  If the answer to all the above is yes, don’t fret. Brown has several resources (e.g., Bears Lair, the OMAC, Keeney, and Emery) for you to go your workout-swag on so you can get your groove back, and more importantly, so you can fit into your jeans. But, be warned— you are not alone. You, along with hundreds, are in the same gravy boat. While there are several newbies hitting the gym (clearly hoping they avoid resembling the campus squirrels), the varying experiences of Brown gym-goers make each waistline-trimming venture unique. Having said that, everybody loves a good stereotype, so here they are:

Gym-Goers at Brown:

1.) The Deaf: Lost @ Brown: Your hearing. Just because you like Rihanna doesn’t mean that everyone else around you wants to hear it too. I found your hearing in a hopeless place. Continue Reading