The Newport Boat Show

Sunday was a big day for the small state of Rhode Island. While the streets of Providence were packed with runners hoping to get sweet CVS t-shirts, the somewhat self-proclaimed jewel of the Narragansett — Newport — was inundated with seafarers and T-Pain enthusiasts alike for the 42nd Newport Boat Show. Yes, the freakin’ NEWPORT BOAT SHOW.

Though I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect on my visit, the Boat Show blew my preconceived notions out of the proverbial water. Not only did the event show off some incredible vessels, but it also offered an experience that can only be explained by this. And this. But more through this. The show actually shattered the record for the highest concentration of red pants in a square mile area; the record was last held by the 41st Newport Boat Show.

The Boat Show, which ran from Thursday to Sunday, brought thousands of visitors to Bowen’s Wharf and attracted buyers, sellers, and those who just enjoy a good ole’ recreational look. I did wonder, however, how many sales were actually made at the showcase. It seemed as though the chances were higher of someone stealing a boat than walking away with a casual 52-foot yacht.  For many, the Newport Boat Show was the closest thing to Yacht week.

While we will have to wait a whole year for the return of the legendary Newport Boat Show, its legacy will burn bright and inspire all in the Ocean State. In the words of the equally legendary band Styx, “Come sail away, Newport Boat Show, come sail away with me.” Ra Ra Brunonia!