Alums who do cool things: Daniel Byers ’08


In the hierarchy of badass jobs one can have, there are a few standouts: astronaut, Alaskan crab fisherman, falconer, professional skydiver (to name a few). But there’s still one more that really takes the cake as the most hardcore, badass job on the planet, and that’s the National Geographic Photographer. These photographers put themselves through the ultimate tests in order to get the most incredible shots, and it takes a special kind of person to want to stay up for hours on end—covered in god knows what—just to take a photo of a bird that no one has ever been seen before.


Daniel Byers ’08

One of our very own is that special kind of person: Daniel Byers ’08 is an alum who has worked as a photographer for National Geographic and USAID. He also produces films about environmental and health issues along with Joey Brunelle ’07. Together, they have created films that cover issues around the world, including climate change, the preservation tropical ecosystems, and healthcare in Nepal.

We asked Daniel about his time at Brown and some of the work that he has done. Check out our interview with the brave alum after the jump. Continue Reading