BlogDH(Panel) Explains Orientation

Ah, orientation—that week before your freshman year when you can attend an array events all built around the copious opportunities to awkwardly introduce yourself to hundreds of people and hope a few become your best friends. But those events are not all created equal. Here’s BlogDH’s preview of the Orientation calendar’s greatest hits.

Paxson’s Welcome
It might feel like you’ve already been welcomed by the entire Brown community, but the official welcome from President Christina Paxson is a must. The class of 2018 is only the second one to be treated to the Pax’s wisdom, so consider yourselves Paxsoneers. Get to the Main Green early to save seats in the shade for yourself, your parents, and maybe even your first-day-friends if you’re feeling the welcoming spirit. Cheers of “Pax on Pax on Pax!” are encouraged as the Prez steps up to the podium. Try to contain the excitement of being surrounded by your 1500 classmates for the first time and actually listen to the president’s words. Having just completed her own “freshman” year, she’s sure to give some valuable frosh advice. After the speech, don’t miss out on a photo-op behind the podium on the Faunce steps: it makes for a great (if slightly pretentious) first Brown mupload.
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The Anti-Slump: An Introduction

The wise sage Jason Mraz once said, “The sophomore slump is an uphill battle.” Sure, it may seem that way, but we’re here to make that hill a little less daunting. Introducing The Anti-Slump, a new series that gives you the motivation to win that uphill battle. So flock to us whenever you feel the slump creeping up on you — we’ll be here every other week with another helpful piece of guidance or generally inspirational tid-bits to help you shake up your sophomore year.

The myth of the sophomore slump is real. But it doesn’t have to be. Sophomore year is a time when academics get more serious, things get familiar enough for you to breathe, and a lowly second-year realizes how much of Brown there is left to discover. But sophomore year is all about motivating yourself — and that’s where we come in — because there’s no one else that’s going to force you to. At this stage in the game there are no Meikeljohns, First-Year Seminars or unit meetings, but there are still so many questions left unanswered.

To start you off, here is a lil bucket list that we have compiled, which will help us motivate ourselves, too. We’re setting the bar high and so should you! It’s all about keeping up the ambition. Check it out after the jump.

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7 fitness-free ways to enjoy the new fitness center

I’m not fooled by the swarm of tank-topped dumbbell-crushers that ransacks the Nelson Fitness Center at around 5 p.m. every weekday. If you really wanted to get a good workout, you’d go to a satellite gym. Sure, the Big Mac New Mac  Nelly may have shinier weights and fewer torture dungeon vibes, but its state-of-the-art amenities can be pretty distracting to those trying to work up an actual sweat. I was so frustrated by my lack of productivity there that I decided to spend some time just enjoying the facilities. Here’s a list of suggestions for those looking to forgo the calorie burning for a day and do the same.

1. Have a snack at Poppy’s: No, not at your Grandpa’s, but at the cafe located in the lobby of the Nelly. Brown Dining Services has a knack for presenting familiar elements in novel ways–look no further than the Ratty’s prolific use of cheese and the word “Cajun.” The cafe at the Nelly follows suit, offering classic fare like hummus orbs and tiny Odwallas in a new light. For one, the place is new and shiny, far from the similarly-stocked food carts we associate with all-nighters. They also have a menu that suggests pairings of the snacks they offer. Turns out you can have a Chobani and an Odwalla bar!

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