Get off the Hill: Rhode Island Comic Con (Nov. 3-4)

Whatever fun plans your weekend has in store — from SexPowerGod to post-Halloweekend festivities to a nostalgia trip rager brought to you by The Herald — we have one more proposition for you…

…it’s time to get fucking nerdy.

Rhode Island is hosting its first ever (!) Comic Con this weekend, just down the Hill in the heart of downtown Providence. “The biggest show in the smallest state” promises to be a banger — and that’s not even including the raunchy after party.

According to the convention’s website (which clearly feels our LEAP DAY SPIRIT), attendees will have an array of hilarious, awesome, fascinating activities and comic world celebrities to choose from to fill their weekend. The con features your standard con events such as costume contest, Munchkin tournaments and Q&As with celebrity guests (such as the cast of the Power Rangers and the original cast of Battlestar Galactica).

But there’s also a jedi training class, a Dr. Horrible Sing Along and something called Buffy the Musical? You really don’t have to ask us twice.

If you’re still not convinced, here are our favorite guest appearances this weekend’s conference and why you’ll love them all. Check it out after the jump. Continue Reading