Nostalgia Trip: Movies through the ages

Over the long weekend, I came down with a rather heavy cold. It was miserable to say the least. While staying in bed most of the weekend was exactly what I needed insufferable, I had at least found a silver lining in my snot-encrusted Kleenexes: As I trolled the the archives of Netflix with no limitations (except for coughing fits and frequent naps, naturally), I rediscovered one of my favorite movies, Death at a Funeral. It is an extremely outrageous British (not the American remake) comedy about the troubles of an upper-class British family that has been torn apart by sibling tensions, the passing of their patriarch, and a hidden love affair with Tyrion Lannister.

You know, the norm.

While this is a plug for everyone to watch the movie—seriously, you will laugh your ass off—I also want to encourage you to hit pause on your work and press play on your favorite movies. Taking that trip down nostalgia lane is refreshing, heart-warming, and downright, well, nostalgic. Everyone loves that feeling. There’s nothing better. For me, Death at a Funeral led me from one movie to another … and then another until I had watched well over 5 10 15 movies from way back when.

So this week, take some time to watch a movie or two that you haven’t seen in a while, eat some pumpkin-flavored food, and get cozy. To help you with your planning, here is a tribute to movies from our childhood.  Continue Reading

I wish quit you!

5 ways to stop procrastinating and get your work done, goddamnit

It’s reading period. We’re supposed to be studying. So why I am watching episode after episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager? I don’t even like this show! I can literally feel my brain cells dying. I wish quit you!

Procrastination: We all do it. It’s a blessing and a curse. So how do we combat it during finals? Here are some tips and tricks:

1. Deactivate your Facebook. I used to get a friend to change my password so I couldn’t use it. On the first day of summer, I relogged onto Facebook only to find my profile picture changed to this: Continue Reading

The Netflix Files: April 20, 2012

The Netflix Files works to find the hidden gems of Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature, the films and TV shows that have gone largely unnoticed by the streaming community. This ever-popular column has been on indefinite hiatus all semester due to other commitments.

You don't want no part of this shit.

While you decide how you want to spend this glorious Friday of Spring Weekend, April 20th of the last year before the earth implodes, be sure to stay cognizant of the dangers of Marihuana addiction, as highlighted by the 1936 classic Reefer Madness.

That’s right, the “new drug menace which is destroying the youth of America in alarmingly increasing numbers” might even find its way onto our beloved campus. Think of how much less fun the What Cheer? Brigade would be if you spent the whole concert wanting to rape, murder, run over pedestrians with your new T-Bird and/or leap out a third-story window just because you think you can fly. Because that’s what you’re looking at with Public Enemy Number One — La Marihuana. Continue Reading

The Netflix Files: February 2, 2012

For Netflix, 2011 was a pivotal year in determining the company’s sustainability in the face of a flagging home video market and the push toward streamed content. The near-fatal price hike announced in July lost Netflix 800,000 subscribers, and CEO Reed Hastings’ seemingly endless flow of apology emails (as well as one particularly stubborn pothead on Twitter) continued to diminish brand loyalty. In the midst of this, Netflix examined new ways to stay relevant, initiating its unprecedented foray into original content with Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards and the highly-anticipated Arrested Development mini-season. The year culminated on an optimistic note, as stock began to recuperate and Netflix regained 610,000 subscribers.

In light of this, let’s reflect on the significance of 2011 by taking a look at Netflix’s streaming selection of films released last year: the good, the bad and the direct-to-the-bargain-bin-at-Tedeschi shit Nicolas Cage churned out so he wouldn’t have to sell another home. Continue Reading

The Casualties of Midterms: Things we just don’t have time for anymore

I’ve absolutely hated midterms. Have I slept less than I ever have in a single academic week? Of course. Have I studied more for one History of Brazil test than I did for all of my final exams senior year of high school? Of course. Did I have my first cup of coffee ever? Of course not; I stand on my principles. But at least I expected these things. The tragedy comes when you remember that there are still — my attempts at making a timeturner be damned — just 24 measly hours in a day. There hasn’t been much time for breathing, let alone blog posts. Luckily for me, I seem to have deluded myself into seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (yes, I am wholly aware that it’s a mirage). But for now, let’s bask in the light and spend some time one the things we missed so much:

1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Usually an excellent 30 minute late-night distraction when I’m not in the mood for Jo’s, I haven’t seen my favorite member of the tribe work his magic live in weeks. Why not just watch on Hulu the next day? Well, naive soul, clearly you don’t realize that there’s something really stale about watching jokes about what’s already mostly yesterday’s news even one day later. Not a good use of my already overbooked time.  Continue Reading

Netflix drops Qwikster

Curtain closed, bitch.

A mere 21 days after announcing the division of its streaming and DVD-by-mail services, Netflix has formally acknowledged what a horrible idea that was — Qwikster is dead.

This means that you can still mooch off of your parents’ Netflix streaming account without paying a separate bill. More importantly, lovable stoner Jason Castillo has officially triumphed over capitalism.