New Dorm Debacle: Goodbye Lounges

Vartian Gregorian B 352

If this looks familiar, it’s because it was your lounge last semester -Vartian Gregorian B 352

A little before 5 p.m. EST on January 13th, the majority of students returning from semesters abroad were assigned rooms via ResLife. They received everything from singles in Grad Center to doubles, triples, and quads in various buildings with randos roommates they were not previously acquainted with. A select number of students were assigned to *triples* in Vartan Gregorian Quad (New Dorm A and B): rooms that were previously lounges.

The unfortunate souls placed in these *triples* were told by ResLife that the situation is “temporary.” However, the email relaying that information read:

Please note this space is a temporary room, as permanent space becomes available over the remaining weeks of August the office of Residential Life will work with you to relocate.”

August? It seems like that was copy + pasted from previous summer assignment emails.

New Dorm B 352:

B352 3

In contrast to buildings like Wayland and Hope College (which frequently have their lounges occupied), in New Dorm, each floor’s lounge also doubles as the floor’s kitchen. As of now, only the fourth floor kitchens in buildings A and B remain unoccupied, and available for cooking. Sans meal plan residents are naturally concerned about preparing food next semester.

New Dorm A 355:

A355 3        A355 4 Continue Reading

Meanwhile, in New Dorm…

On Wednesday, New Dorm residents received this email:

 Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 3.26.00 PM

This isn’t your garden variety case of urine misplacement. Some individual, or group of individuals, has gone to extreme lengths here. In their quest to avoid the toilet, they’ve gone straight for the trash can and followed a more…indirect route. Also, the culprit has hit both New Dorm A and B. This isn’t some drunken prank; it’s a systematic attack.

From the beginning, M-Lo made clear the severity of the issue at hand.  He raises two important points: this behavior is unhealthy, and it raises concerns about the student responsible for it. We feel your concern Marc, but let’s not forget about the intrigue. It’s not every day we have a serial pee-er on our hands. Good luck, New Dormers. Stay dry safe.