One woman’s tale of no shave November


Here at BlogDailyHerald, we love to cover things facial hair related. However, it goes without question that it is possible for one to grow hair in more places than just your face (in fact, most of our staff members are woefully incapable of growing hair on their face). My name is Caitlin, my preferred gender pronouns are she, her, and hers, and I didn’t shave my legs last month.

I know that many women do not identify with the practice of hair removal, and this anecdote is in no way prescriptive of how anyone should behave. Put simply, the decision I made last month was special to me because I have been peer pressured into shaving my legs since I was fourteen. There have been times in the past during which I let myself go, but some hall-mate or family member would always shame me back into the cycle with “Ew Caitlin, please shave.” Not this time, amigos, not this time.

It came about by accident. Right now I am living in Denmark, and it’s really cold. Lacking even an imaginary study abroad boyfriend, and with no fashion incentive not to, I wear pants often. Constantly covered, it didn’t feel necessary to waste time on calf maintenance. Normally, I go between a week or two weeks without shaving, but this November, I said to myself, “f**k it, let’s see where this takes me.”

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An ode to the mustache


As Movember draws to a close, we have a unique opportunity to discuss and reflect on the role of mustaches in our society; the new wave of facial hair has thrust the topic into our daily conversation. Regardless of one’s personal opinion on what looks good or not, Movember has drawn national attention to many issues of men’s health, and has increased awareness about testicular and prostate cancer (among other things). Movember has also reawakened a spirit that many thought to be lost: nostalgia for the golden age of the ‘stache. That’s right, were talking about the 70’s, when bellbottoms and flowing hair reigned supreme, and the measure of manhood was not based on bench press numbers but on whisker prominence. In the words of Nick Offerman, “A mustache carries with it a little bit of derring-do. You’re the kind of guy who will come barreling up doing a power slide in your pickup truck and then give a girl a wink.”

Before I start waxing nostalgic about Burt Reynolds and Freddy Mercury, I have to confess that my own mustache-growing-ability is subpar, to say the least. I have remained committed to the cause throughout Movember, but I seem only to be able to grow a meager excuse for peach fuzz. No amount of “Just for Men” hair dye has been able to kick start my mustached campaign.

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BlogDH’s Movember contest: Who owns Brown’s best facial hair?


If the pitch black late afternoon and very Providence-y weather yesterday haven’t made it clear, it’s the second half of pumpkin spice season/the early stages of Christmas commercials season/November. That means we’ve come to the 30 days in which it is socially acceptable to not shave any of the hair on your face, regardless of how gross the end result might be–it’s Movember.

Thankfully, a foundation has managed to leverage this tradition into some real charitable good. The Movember Foundation has raised over $500 million to fight prostate cancer and testicular cancer in the United States and around the world.

In honor of Movember, we want to see the best facial hair Brunonia has to offer. Email your submissions to blog(at) anytime between now and December 1st (that way you have time to grow out a masterpiece like the one in the above picture). Before/after photos are highly encouraged. We will announce the winners—across many preposterous categories—during the first week of December. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

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No Shave… or No Sex November?

Alas, November is creeping to an end, and many of Brown’s finest young men (and women) are about to have completed the ultimate challenge:

I wouldn't have sex with him right now.

Brad Pitt is the epitome of No Sex November.

No Shave November. Many Brunonians have forsaken the razor in order to grow superior facial hair. It is a noble pursuit, but sometimes an ugly one. So when does No Shave November become… No Sex November?

When I say “No Sex” November, I refer to Facial Hair Degradation so severe that not only will I personally refuse to have sex with you, but the entire universe will also collectively refuse to copulate with you. But done right, No Shave November becomes… Naughty November. If you combine the right genes, facial hair coloring, and growth rate, you get a beard that makes us all say…

To all you WASPs out there: yes, I realize that the Jews and the Greeks have an advantage over you in the facial hair department. What can I say? It’s their birthright.

Here are some beards that can either go Sex… or No Sex:

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The BlogDailyHerald No Shave Movember contest has begun!

Gents (and ladies?), that month you’ve all been waiting for is back. To commemorate these 30 days of hairy goodness (which I still couldn’t really participate in even if I tried), we’ve created a contest.

The rules are simple:

1. At the end of the month, email us a photo of your clean-shaven self AND a shot of you with your (at least) month-old scruff. The winner will have his mug featured right here on December 1st for all of Brunonia to admire. (He also may or may not have the shaving of said facial hair posted on the blog.) Even better, he will win a limited edition BlogDailyHerald t-shirt.

2. If any of you want to be profiled for a three-part series on your No Shave November odyssey, email us with a brief explanation of your scruff-growing capabilities (photo evidence encouraged), and the Blog will in return profile your facial hair as it grows more and more out of control through the month of November!

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