(Campus)Lifehacker: Non-varsity athlete health 101

WARNING: If you plan on playing intramural basketball or being a part of the frisbee team this fall, make sure not to get injured. Not only does getting hurt suck enough on its own, but you also won’t have access to that nice athletic trainer you had in high school. Man, those were the days: they stretched you out before practice, gave you ice packs (on ice packs on ice packs), and even let you use the foam roller at your leisure… and you totally took it for granted.

At Brown, things are different for the athletic student who’s not quite varsity status, and the future of your “A” game now rests in the hands of Health Services (don’t get me wrong: they’re the nicest, but not so great at this stuff), or in those of a local expensive orthopedic surgeon. That said, if you’re a non-varsity athlete, you have to be wise and take care of yourself. Yes, that means you, kid who is still drunk at Sunday morning’s game.

Here are some ways to start preserving your livelihood so you can maintain your competitive edge:

STRETCH: This one couldn’t be more obvious or important—even if you’re playing a 40-minute intramural game, make sure your muscles are loose so they don’t bathe in lactic acid and become stiff the next day. Many muscular issues can be traced back to your lack of commitment to doing those pigeons, butterflies, or toe touches. Remember that these can be fun and relaxing if you put aside enough time for them… just like readings or showering are.

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