You might be able to see the Northern Lights tonight


The northern U.S. is in for a treat tonight. The aurora borealis — a beautiful glow that is the product of interactions between solar energy and Earth’s magnetic field — might be visible as far south as Nebraska, and even here in Providence. Seeing the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, is generally only possible at higher latitudes, but due to particularly heavy solar activity in recent days, Providence has a fair-ish/good (see above) chance of getting nature’s greatest show tonight.

So, if you want to skip roaming from off-campus house to off-campus house for a few hours, you now have an alternative activity. Maybe the Ladd Observatory will throw a viewing party. Seriously, though: we’re in for some clear skies tonight, so look “north and lower on the horizon;” maybe you’ll be able to see that famous green glow.

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