More Brown students react Jesse Watters’ visit to College Hill

BlogDH wasn’t the only campus news outlet that sprung into action upon learning that Jesse Watters was on campus. Brown Political Review hit the streets (read: Main Green) to hear what Brown students had to say about the way in which Fox News went about reporting the “news,” and why Nudity in the Upspace is important to the Brown community. Check out the video above.

Nudity in the Upspace: An exclusive interview with the event’s creators

1235035_10151675864377469_1921664586_nNudity in the Upspace—a week-long event that “discusses and explores nudity in all forms” by way of nude body painting, nude yoga, and nude performance—is back for its second year. The event is currently taking place at Production Workshop’s Upspace, and has triggered international press coverage from The Huffington Post, Jezebel, CBS, and Daily Mail UK. Online comments on these articles range from encouraging messages to the students involved with the event to vitriolic attacks on Brown students and the institution itself.

On the heels of this influx of attention, BlogDH sat down with Becca Wolinsky ‘14, Camila Pacheco-Fores ‘14 and Gabrielle Sclafani ’14, the three main organizers of the event, to discuss their take on body image, nude performance, and press coverage. Check out the interview after the jump.

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