We’re small but mighty: Why short people have it best in college

(BlogDH) Short 1

We’re vertically challenged. We may or may not be able to reach books on the top shelf of the stacks in the library, we may have to strain our necks to talk to you, and we definitely field too many questions about whether or not we’re sure that we’re not actually legally midgets. But we put on our wedges and hold our heads high—at 4’11’’ (Meredith) and 5’1’’(Georgia), what we lack in size we make up for in heart… and in our undying love of our perpetual fun-sizedness.

As the token shorties, we have very specific roles to play within our respective social circles. We willingly take on some of these roles ourselves, while others are bestowed upon us by our friends. Here’s how we shawties live it up in a world full of (relative) giants:

We’re your best arm rests. After hours of holding his/her drink in while conversing with other party goers, our friends’ arms inevitably get tired. We’re right at your elbow level, and we’re totally convenient. Rest your arm on our heads, our shoulders, whatever is more comfortable. Your temporary arm pain is relieved; we get some quality snuggle time (OK, that’s generous) and rack up lots of friend points in the process. It’s really a win-win situation.

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