Sextion: The Legs-Open Curriculum

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In the middle of the semester, around that point when the courses you were most excited for have become predictable and pedantic, and when the courses you were least excited for have already been dropped from your schedule, and when the Ratty begins its slaughter of the thousands of turkeys they plan to serve us over and over again this month, I sometimes like to swoop through the desolate aisles of textbooks on the Brown Bookstore’s lower level in search of what might have been.

It was during one of these such expeditions, a perusal of the Religious Studies textbook aisle, when a copy of the Kamasutra caught my eye. This made me realize that certain classmates of mine are reading the Kamasutra, the ancient Indian manual of erotic pleasure, for credit. That’s even cooler than doing so for The Wire.

This got us Bloggers thinking. To what degree would it be possible to gain a well-rounded sexual education this semester through credit-bearing courses? Continue Reading