Keeping things fresh in a relationship (with your parents)

It happens. After a period of comfort, you just stop trying.  Maybe you whip out the sweatpants more than you should, or your “places” – the restaurants, the relaxation spots, and the shops –feel a bit dried up.  That doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bathwater – all you need to make Parents Weekend fresh again is a little spice.

Every year it becomes the same routine.  You scream halfheartedly chant “Ra Ra Bruno,” shepherding your parents around in all of their Brown-swag glory.  You get some good meals (I am definitely not suggesting you give this up), and you desperately clean your room in attempt to rid it of the greasy smell of last week’s Spicy With, the accompanying ketchup-smeared takeout box and the shirt whose fibers reek of various smokes.  Never fear, for we have suggestions to send you back to freshman fall, without the awkwardness, vomit, or mornings-after.  Continue Reading

Hiiiiiiiiii, Parents: The Most Entertaining (or Annoying) Places for Parent Sightings

Family Weekend is upon us. You should have noticed by now that campus is crawling with middle-aged moms and dads who are here to see you and get a sense of your life at Brown. In order for your parents to do so effectively, they will be infiltrating our social and academic spheres of choice to try to live and understand the Brown Experience. Be advised that parents are everywhere, and that it can be quite entertaining to observe these creatures in their unfamiliar habitat. 

The Top Three Places for Parent Sightings:

1) The Ratty: Upon entry, parents are greeted by the wonderful, angelic BDS hostess with the mostest, Gail. They are hooked on Gail’s unmistakable charm and are reeled in by the long chain of “I”s in the “Hiiiiiiiiiiii” they receive at the door. They proceed to walk around aimlessly as they try to understand the hustle and bustle; the Cajun Chicken Pasta and the epic combination of cereal, ice cream and peanut butter that constitute the Ratty Experience. For maximum entertainment, be sure to observe the confusion and fascination that comes over parents as they observe our fellow students with four plates of food and three glasses of different drinks all balanced on the Ratty’s ugly, yet intriguing trays. It was LMFAO who said “everyday I’m Rattying”, right?  Continue Reading

A Preview of the Post- Family Weekend Magazine

Family Weekend banter, translated:

“Mm, your father and I are trying to find hotels for May … any suggestions?”
You are graduating in May! Did you forget this? We did not.

“So, have you started thinking about, you know, next year…?”
OHMYGOD. Our darling little child is graduating with zero marketable skills! What has s/he been doing all this time?

“You know, honey, I think your mother has finally gotten over the whole empty nest thing.”
Please, oh please, oh please do not move back home. We have turned your bedroom into a love nest.  Continue Reading

I ate off of Thayer, and I liked it: Where to force your parents to take you this weekend

We all know and love the best weekend of the year: Family Weekend.  Upperclassmen look fondly back on the time when their parents would visit for a couple of days to replenish snacks, buy new clothes for the upcoming bitter months and look for excuses to pawn useless dorm necessities off on us.

Often, parents will try and utilize this opportunity to relive their college years while simultaneously bonding with their now-adult children.  Read: they want to eat in the dining hall.  And to that, we must be strong! Be principled! Stand up for yourself and for all that tastes good in the world! Demand food off-campus before it’s too late and you start to notice leftovers being served in the Ratty three days in a row.  Providence was named the third best city for foodies in America [via], and now is the time to take advantage ofeducate your parents on some of the wonderful food offered here.  Let them drive you wherever your their heart desires and bask in the glory of the foodie-heaven that is Providence.  Even if fancy food isn’t your style, at least use this weekend as an opportunity to get off Thayer Street.  I know we thought that Paragon would never get old, but alas…

Pricey-but-worth-it Dinner

  • Al Forno, 577 South Main Street, Providence, (401) 273-9760

Made famous by their amazing appetizer pizza, this classy (and relatively pricey) Italian restaurant is first-rate.  Just a hop, skip and jump away from Whisky Republic, this restaurant truly offers some of the best Italian food that can be found on this side of the Atlantic. Open Tuesday through Sunday, Al Forno does NOT take reservations, is fairly small and fills up FAST: plan accordingly.  Continue Reading

Study break of the day: December 7, 2010

Different name, same great time-wasting abilities.


Ever been annoyed by the bizarre things your parents think are text message appropriate? Or their complete inability to handle the technology? We bring you When Parents Text, so you can laugh at someone else’s parents instead.

Guide to Family Weekend 2010: Family’s not coming edition

Fall in Providence — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

We’ve all been there. Students happily leading parents with giant cameras around campus, showing off their growing knowledge of their school. Parents gazing adoringly at their astonishingly capable students. Parents taking their kids to dinner or to the mall. It can be hard if you feel like the only one whose family couldn’t come for the weekend. Here’s some advice to drive away the non-family Weekend blues:

Get away
If the presence of happily reunited families is bumming you out and you have a free day, take the train up to Boston for a day. Stay out of the vicinity of Boston University though — their Parents Weekend is the same as ours.

It’s the perfect excuse to sleep, watch movies, eat crap foods and, if you’re really serious, get some work done. Just hide out in your dorm or the library. Yes, it’s still a little depressing, but at least at the end of the weekend you’ll have gotten some sleep or made progress on your task-list.

Got a roommate or suitemate or best friend whose parents are coming? Casually let them know you’re available for lunch or dinner any time they’d suggest. Hint that you’ve really been wanting to go to Target, IKEA or Trader Joe’s but can’t because you don’t have a car. Maybe they’ll take pity on you.

If all else fails, just avoid Thayer and Providence Place.