FlogDailyHerald: A strongly worded letter to pedestrians at India Point Park


I get it. It has been unseasonably nice out and this has inspired the entire population of Providence to spend their remaining sunshine-filled free time in my way outside. What I don’t understand is why this addition of a few extra Fahrenheit degrees consistently translates into total loss of social decency. I’m looking at you, everyone who hangs out in India Point Park. As the key to any successful rant is order and clarity, I have very carefully laid out my complaints in an organized letter to you, the fine patrons of India Point Park:

1. Let’s talk sidewalks. I think we can all agree that the sidewalk is a shared space and so, if it’s not too much to ask, I would very much appreciate it if you stopped choosing to walk directly down the middle. I propose that implicit driving laws hold on any/all public sidewalks: 1. stay in your lane, 2. don’t be a fucking idiot. Do not inconvenience everyone around you by walking directly in the center of the sidewalk even though you are only one person and not the king of Rhode Island. Keeping to the right allows you and the person walking towards you to pass each other with ease and maybe even a wave or hello if you’re one of those weird friendly people from some middle-of-nowhere town where mass murders tend to take place. If you were a car blatantly driving down the middle of the street, other cars would honk and eventually hit you. So yeah, couple I punched in the back and then flipped off last week, automobile rules hold for pedestrians. Continue Reading