Amuse-Bouche: Parkside Rotisserie

At Parkside, a dark mahogany bar with matching leather barstools balances the kitschy fluffed pillows in seating along the walls. It gives the distinct impression that this self-proclaimed “Manhattan-style bistro” would be the perfect place to take your lawyer. The feel is easygoing but professional, comfy but not cozy.

Naturally, the rotisserie section of the menu is a good place to start. The lemon-garlic marinated half chicken is HUGE, centered on a pile of sweet potato and Russet fries. It’s a steal ($12 at lunch and $15 at dinner). The meat is consistently juicy and tender, and the “zippy,” pesto-y herb sauce cuts it nicely. The one flop is the skin: a self-respecting rotisserie should be able to achieve that perfect, crispy shell, but fails to do so here. That makes the difference between good and great.   Continue Reading