Sans Meal Plan: Dinner Parties for Dummies

Upon entering college, one of the first things you as a Brown student probably learned is that food is a motivating factor for many things. Want to get people to come to a boring meeting? Free Kabob and Curry! Want these people to really like you? Meeting Street Cookies! Luckily enough, this method also works with friendship, although I’m not sure if I advocate hosting a dinner party with the sole purpose of getting people to think you’re not boring… Regardless, gathering friends (new and old) together is a great way to solidify relationships, share a few laughs, and/or get shwasty before going out.

Dinner parties do not always have to be fancy, classy, or well thought-out (although, the host that plans reaps great rewards, young grasshopper). In fact, impromptu gatherings can be even more fun than elegant soirées if the right people are involved. Food fests can be executed in a number of ways ranging from cooking-heavy to Tedeschi-themed potluck, and hosting or taking part in said festivities can be quite simple. To successfully plan a get-together, first determine the event’s purpose. Why are you gathering? How many people do you want to be involved? What time of day will this event take place? Where will this event take place? Though these may seem like obvious questions, I cannot tell you how many of my own plans have been foiled by a lack of fundamental preparation. It’s not enough to want to get together; you have to have venue and a group of consenting individuals to make sure things will actually happen. Continue Reading

Hangover Helpers to the Rescue

This is when you would call Hangover Helpers

We’ve all been there. The splitting headache. The sea of red cups. The anonymous vomit in the corner. Last night you threw the wildest rager. But now its Sunday, and you’ve got to deal with a hangover and a destroyed post-party house. To some this might seem like a nightmare, but to a couple students at University of Colorado students, this was a business opportunity. Hangover Helpers, a student run business, brings fellow students and party-throwers breakfast burritos and Gatorade and will also clean up the party mess, all for a price of course — $15 per roommate. So, any students in Engineering and New Ventures, here’s a possible idea for a final!

When partying hard gets pricey

Earlier in the year, off-campus students were warned to keep parties legal and to keep the noise and the number of people down after the ProPo saw a rise in the number of noise complaints and consequently had to break up more parties.

Too bad the same advice wasn’t given to three students of University of Wisconsin-Madison who were fined $86,000 for throwing quite the wild party. Apparently, the students, who hosted the party at their off-campus house last month, had over 200 people in their basement (a serious fire hazard). And, to no one’s surprise, they were also selling alcohol. The housemates racked up an impressive 130 citations, which led to the hefty fine. One of the fined students, Kevin Tracy, said he thought the fine was  “a joke — $30,000 for having one party, each? That’s obnoxious. I have less than $100 in my bank account. We’re college kids.” Now they are still college kids — with a lot of debt and some (hopefully) good party memories.

“Operation Nightlife” Busts a Yale Screw

Photo via The Yale Daily News

According to The Yale Daily News, police officers raided an off campus More-Ezra Stiles “screw” (a Yale version of SPG?) as part of “Operation Nightlife” to “curb violence in the downtown entertainment district.” Apparently, a dozen police officers stormed the club with SWAT gear and assault rifles, ultimately resulting in the Tasering of one student and arrest of 5…and I thought Brown was supposed to be a dangerous place.

So in the problem-free utopia that is New Haven, the question begs to be asked, why is the NHPD spending $15,000 a weekend targeting college kids, especially Yalies?  Has ResCollege competition gotten out of hand? Are the Whiffs at war with the Doox? Is tapping stirring up strife between secret societies?   We Brunonians may never know. But hey, that’s why we didn’t choose Yale.

A video, clearly showing that the popo meant business, after the jump.   Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: August 5, 2010

Feeling Brown-sick because you’re missing all those theme parties and FishCo nights? Live vicariously through the posts on Sorry I Missed Your Party, while you’re at home pretending to your parents that you’re not a bro.

Bates party takes bloody turn

Students at Bates, the liberal arts college in a quiet town in Maine, got excessively rowdy at a party last night, according to the Sun Journal.

Police were called in from neighboring districts, and several people were taken away in ambulances.

Let’s hope Campus Dance doesn’t end with quite this much excitement.