Frosh-cessities: When it comes to partying, how much is too much?

Party party party

Much like our elusive Luna Lovebad, I went to SexPowerGod last Saturday. However, the experience was not nearly as sexy for me, considering the only ‘person’ I hooked up with was the toilet.  At 4 a.m., I Skyped my mother so she could lecture me (from across state lines, mind you) about the error of my wild ways. Mommy reminded me that I did not come to Brown for the sole purpose of getting shitfaced every day  weekend.  Are you feeling particularly exhausted during the week? Are you struggling to put the necessary amount of effort into your studies?  My fellow freshmen, here are some tell-tale signs that you are stuck in orientation la-la land and probably would benefit from taking a night—or even a weekend—off:

  • If you are in danger of flunking ENGN9.
  • If it takes you five shots to get the same level of inebriation that one shot got you to in high school. Continue Reading