Things that make us more anxious than they should


All day, everyday.

Every college student covets the fabled “chill” state, or hakuna matata (it means no worries). The truth is that it’s very hard to be in a state of complete relaxation when you’ve got two midterms on the same day, a problem set due the next, and a long overdue call to your granny who so kindly sent you that card with $20 so you could “buy yourself something nice.” I also think that Brown students are just inherently more sensitive to the most trivial of situations. Let’s consider the following:

The trash bin conundrum

Who knew throwing away your trash could be so stressful? Take the Ratty, for example. You have a trash bin for food scraps only, and a normal trash bin for all other things. Ok, I guess this doesn’t seem like such a daunting task…until you accidentally throw a bundle of paper napkins and your spoon in the scraps bin, and feel like a total planet killer. You might as well deny climate change, while you’re at it!

Trash bins on the Main Green and in the Blue Room are also unnecessary complicated. You’re afraid that the solar compact thing will eat your hand, but your food container simply won’t fit through the tiny opening of the regular trashcan. Oh well, the squirrels will take care of it.

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Deconstructing the Pembroke Seal: A Monologue

(BlogDH) Scarlet Letter

They all step around it. Over it. Next to it. Jump. Skip. Hop. Walk. But never on it. It’s like it holds some sort of curse. But in reality, it is a piece of stone. Stone — that hard stuff. Stone, the stuff that when dropped from heights doesn’t break into millions of pieces, rather thuds to the ground- making a loud, cracking noise. Kind of like thunder, except not thunder. All this stone says is the name of our school — Brown University. Nothing more. But it has been given much greater meaning. At least that’s how it seems.

Because as I watch people walk down the eight steps that lead from one piece of walkway to the next, they all seem to stray away from this piece of stone. This flat, hard, carved surface. It repels them away. Like magnets. But the opposite. It seems to say, “Hey you…don’t step on me. I’ll fuck you up.” But obviously it’s not saying that…well, because it’s a piece of stone. What if it doesn’t understand why people are so scared of it? What if at night when the weather turns from humid, to slightly chilly, it sweats out tears of sadness? I guess it isn’t possible to bestow so much meaning upon this piece of stone. After all, it’s just a stone. But other people seem to do it. Other people seem to think it possesses some sort of quality, that when stepped on, will ruin their lives forever. If you can give so much meaning to a thing like this, can you give meaning to a leaf? To a shred of grass? A lump of dirt? Continue Reading