A Valentine’s Day pep talk

(BlogDH) Valentines 2

Hey, you. Yeah, you. You, sitting there reading this with tears rolling down your face as you gnaw at a giant Hershey’s Kiss your mom sent you. Okay, that’s not you – that was me, Valentine’s Day 2010. Trust me, I of all people know how much it sucks to be alone on Valentine’s Day.  I wrote a whole post about it last year, too. But here’s the first thing you can feel better about: your Valentine’s Day probably won’t be anywhere near as pathetic as mine was three years ago.

I know that it’s easy to feel like you’re the only single person on a campus full of couples, whether or not that’s actually true. Three of the seven serenades that will inevitably happen in City Politics this morning might be jokes sent between friends, but you don’t know that. On Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to put on those black heart-shaped sunglasses and see romance everywhere.

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