Fishin’ for Fun: A expose on aquatic life in the Leung Gallery


This past Friday, the Leung Gallery hosted an event filled with free goldfish, of the cracker and the alive species. Attending students received their own tank to decorate, a gilled pet, a food packet, and a “Caring for your fish!” information slip. Finding Nemo was screened in the background, which is pretty ironic, considering the plot involves a clownfish who gets abducted from his family in the ocean, and then proceeds to freak the f**k out.

As someone who has seen the movie Blackfish, I was pretty concerned about animal safety. As someone who appreciates arts and crafts, I was intrigued. According to the event coordinators, this is an event back by popular demand; last year they actually ran out of fish. For 2015, they stocked up with 300 tanks, and approximately 300 fish.

How did the Campus Center choose the lucky genus? Well, they initially called PetCo to describe the event and circumstances, and the store sold them what was appropriate: feeder fish, who are bred to satiate the appetite of larger, cooler fish. The folks at the Leung Gallery phrased the giveaway as “a second chance at life.”


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Professors and their Pets: Connie Crawford

There’s more to professors than their respective academic disciplines. Knowing about one’s pet is a way to know that person better, and we believe that this concept applies to professors here at Brown. Accordingly, we decided to reach out to various profs on campus to learn about their animal friends. Professors and their Pets is BlogDH’s newest series that features professors and…well, their pets. Woof. 

This segment of Professors and their Pets features Connie Crawford from Brown’s TAPS department. Meet Connie’s dog, Mabel Rose Donaghue, and her horse, Moxie.

Rose on Chair

Name: Mabel Rose Donaghue

Animal: Dog

Story behind the name: Mabel Donaghue was a beloved bartender who died just when I adopted Rose. I do not call her Mabel because I know two other cattle dogs named Mabel.

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