(Another) Study break of the day: Dog flip!

Study break of the day: December 18, 2011

If studying for the Physics 3 final isn’t exactly what floats you boat, perhaps you should take a break by … watching physics lectures?

Walter Lewin is a professor of physics emeritus at MIT.  He is known for (among other things) his introductory physics lectures that are all available on YouTube thanks to MIT OpenCourseWare.

If you pay attention, you will notice one neat trick of his that has fascinated many of his videos’ viewers: drawing dotted lines. Very, very quickly. Also, as an added bonus, it makes arguably the coolest sound ever!  Thankfully, some enterprising person has decided to make a short mashup of Lewin’s best dotted lines. Enjoy.

How to stay slightly drier in the rain

Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Brown students are “very happy” with their decision to be here, we highly doubt many would rave about the weather.  We here at BlogDH understand that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but this is getting ridiculous.  Since there is little to no chance that Providence weather will ever improve, we figured we would share a few pointers from an MIT professor on how to avoid getting drenched if you don’t have an umbrella.  Bottom line — if you move faster and lean your body forward, you actually have a better chance of staying dry.  To see the physics behind this phenomenon, watch the oddly fascinating 18-minute lecture after the jump.

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