Brown-themed Valentine’s Day eCards

You’ve seen those classic Comic Sans-heavy Valentine’s day eCards on the Internet before, featuring the Life Alert lady, Shrek, and Leo, but what if you’re looking for something Brown-specific to pick up bae this February 14th? No worries, because Blog has you covered. Here are 14 (incredibly lame, but possibly effective) Valentine’s day cards to send to your crush this Saturday:

Full disclaimer: These are literally so dumb. So dumb that I felt slightly gross after writing them. Enjoy.






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Study break of the day: Presidential Pickup Lines

Stressed out about writing your POLS1130 (The American Presidency) paper? Barely remember high school APUSH? Supporting the claim that there is a Tumblr for almost anything, Presidential Pickup Lines has got you covered…and will make you LOL.

Innuendos about Watergate, Roosevelt’s big stick, and trickle-down economics abound. Finally: Now you can feel (somewhat) educated while you giggle at penis jokes. Who could’ve known that the combination of old white men and sexy times would work so well?