Blogify: Passing the Bechdel Test


While the Bechdel Test is used mainly for discerning gender biases in films, it can be applied to any medium with a narrative. If you think the movie industry has it bad, with only two Best Picture Oscar nominees passing in 2015, consider for a moment the music industry. When was the last time you heard a song, sung from the female perspective, about anything other than a boy?

In the spirit of critically analyzing films, a la IFF, and inspired by this article in Pitchfork, BlogDH presents a playlist comprised of songs that get an S with distinction in the Bechdel Test.

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Producer Nico Jaar (’12) makes Pitchfork’s “best new music” list

You may not have heard of Brown student and producer Nicolas “Nico” Jaar (’12) yet, but if you’re a music snob, hipster or you’re stalking Jeff Mangum’s life, you will both know and love him very soon. Jaar’s debut album, Space is Only Noise (Circus Company), just earned a spot on Pitchfork’s “best new music” list with a score of 8.4. To put this in perspective, Kanye got a 10, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs (recent Album of the Year winner) got an 8.6 and most other releases average around a 6. This is a really big deal. The review praises Jaar, calling him a “wunderkind” that “exhibits all of the earmarks of a rising techno star.” To hear some of Jaar’s music, check out either his website or his MySpace and see for yourself what the buzz is about. He even has one track entitled “The Student”–maybe it’s a shout out to his position here at Brown.

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