Chow Down Brown: Swipe away at campus eateries

Whether you’re a dewy-eyed prospie or an experienced senior, you know that the Blue Room is one of the best places to grab a quality meal and waste all of your Flex Points. And, though the occasional pre-4 p.m. splurge may seem worth it, ending the semester with only meal credits to your name is not. Well, not to worry. Now you can start using that other piece of plastic. Yep, that’s right. The Blue Room is getting credit card machines (right in time for your parents to buy you all the muffins in the world).



“It’s what a customer wants, it’s what a customer expects,” Aaron Fitzsenry (Campus Eateries master and overall boss) explained. We met up yesterday, and he gave us the DL on this new venture. The credit card machines will also be in the Ivy Room, the Campus Market, and Poppy’s. The real machines should be here by November 1st, but until then, they’re using temporary wireless versions.

Now you’re probably wondering, how will I ever spend all this money? Turns out there are lots of specials coming up. This Saturday, the Blue Room is bringing back its apple pie floats. Yeah, you read right. Aaron’s putting a spin on root beer floats, and is instead dousing vanilla ice cream with a blend of ginger ale and spiced apple cider. Nom. And, if Aaron doesn’t get through all of his cider, there’ll be hot cider and apple crisps on Sunday. Next week, look out for Oktoberfest at the Gate. Also get psyched for Halloween, where there will be tons of candyAnd if you’re really looking ahead, the pasta action station will be at the Gate on November 6. Niiiiice.

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