Gastronomical accounting: Plouf Plouf

Most people don’t usually associate high-quality cuisine with food trucks, but it seems that Plouf Plouf, the newest addition to Brown’s food truck menagerie, hasn’t gotten the message. Distinguishable by its bright red colors and Gallic rooster, Plouf Plouf strives to serve French cuisine at premium prices to hungry students.

The truck holds a good understanding of the on-the-go mentality of the average food truck eater, while still maintaining consistent quality. At peak hours, the wait should be no more than ten minutes, and I found during a recent visit that my food took roughly three minutes to cook. The menu features an assortment of French classics, including escargot and a variety of daily specials.

The food was solid, including the duck burger, which retained a good amount of flavor considering that it was re-prepared in five minutes. However, the truck’s frites (fries) were the stand’s pièce de résistance. The truffle frites, one of the truck’s two frite options, were so good that I was scrounging around in the to-go bin in attempt to gorge myself on any leftovers. This desire for more leads into one of Plouf Plouf’s failings: portion size. Plouf Plouf’s food was tasty, but just not quite filling enough for a whole meal. Continue Reading