I spotted you… taking too long to respond. Is Spotted at Brown gone forever?

I must confess: I was, from its inception during finals period 2009, quite the avid reader [read: compulsive checker] of Spotted at Brown. Even when I kind of hated it, I may have managed to read every post. For the multi-tasker, Spotted was an ideal way to satisfy idle anthropological curiosity concerning casual campus observation procrastinate. Originally inspired by I Saw You Harvard, Spotted at Brown came to be its own, anonymously ranting beast. With its cast of recurring characters, it was at once an online lonely hearts club, a bulletin board, a philosophical forum, a meme generator, an infinite abyss. (It was no BlogDailyHerald, though.) Where else could you go to read about classroom crushes, orgo frustrations, neighborly passive-aggression, Spring Weekend speculation, and Uncle Ned’s exploits?

But one fateful Thursday evening just before spring break, I clicked on the bookmarked link and found that Spotted was down — and, alas, this time for good. Continue Reading