The best prank calls to (n)ever exist


The highlight of my Middle School career was perfecting the art of prank calling. I probably could pursue a second concentration in the field with the amount of time that I spent on Free 411 pretending that my cow was in labor or that I wanted to be connected with 1-800-Flowers. While I like to think I’ve put those days behind me, I recently heard about some of the prank calls you can do through and it’s pretty amazing terrifying.

On top of being able to use the typical prank calling soundboards, you can do what Prank Owl calls the “Operator Prank.” This allows you to enter two of your friends’ phone numbers online, and then the site has these two phones dial each other. To make this even less legal acceptable, you can choose how long you want the phone call to last, and you can even listen to the conversation for as long as two and a half minutes. Let me reiterate that this can’t be legal, but it currently exists.

I began to imagine the best (imaginary) pairs to subject to this prank. Here are some (questionable) ideas for Operator Prank pairs:

1. Gail and Abraham Lincoln. One can only hope it would play like this:

Abe: Four score and seven…

Gail: Hiiiiiiii.

A: Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that…

G: Hiiiiiiii.

A: Gail? Is that you? Soul Food Night was rockin’.

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