Brown Motion Pictures: Fall premiere


Brown Motion Pictures (BMP) hosted its fall premiere last night at the Avon Cinema. The event debuted the four student-led films that BMP produced this semester to a packed house. BMP members, Brown students, and people from the Providence community were all stylishly dressed as they checked their name off the ticket list and made their way to their seats. The smell of popcorn filled the lobby, where attendees were getting their pictures taken by event photographers.

The first film screened was Parkour! directed and written by Jenn Maley ‘16.

This hilarious mockumentary about the making of a parkour film will have you as out of breath as doing actual parkour. Brian Semel ‘16 is brilliant as Michael (an ode to Michael Scott, perhaps?)

See it for: If you have been missing The Office or Parks and Recreation, then this is a film you won’t want to miss! Also, bagels (you’ll get the reference when you see it).

The second film was Man In Suit directed by Errol Danehy ‘18 and written by Aubrie Redwine ‘18.

A more action-based comedy, Man In Suit takes a look at art imitating life and vice versa when an unlikely hero (Ben Silver ‘17) finds his own internal power via comic book.

See it for: Really cool film noir style flashbacks and music. Also shots of The Underground as a speakeasy-esque bar that will totally shock you.

The film was followed by circles directed by Marcus Sudac ‘17 and written by Kent Smith ‘16.

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Two days until the premiere of The Blog’s third and fourth episodes!

Take a look at this brand new trailer to get a sneak peek of the two episodes of The Blog we will be premiering this Thursday, September 20. The premiere will start at 9 p.m. in Kassar House’s Foxboro Auditorium. The screening will be immediately followed by an afterparty at Captain Seaweed’s (162 Ives Street).

Need to catch up on the first and second episodes? Get your fix here.

The Blog: Episode 1

It’s finally here: the first episode of our parody webseries, The Blog. Check back next week for episode two! If you like what you see here and want to get involved, holler at us at We’re still looking to recruit producers, directors and editors.

Tonight’s the night

We’ve been keeping a secret.

We haven’t let you forget all week, but tonight, we are premiering our original parody webseries, The Blog, in Kassar Fox Auditorium at 9. The first episode will be posted right here tomorrow after the screening, with the second going online a week later. But up until now, we haven’t been completely truthful. Tonight, we will also be premiering the second episode of The Blog. That’s right: tonight’s live audience will get an exclusive peek at the second episode a full week before it premieres online. And the security on the Disney vault has nothing on the team protecting the Blog vault.

Check out the feature in Post- today about the making of the series and catch a peek of some footage from the series in the promotional trailer. See you at Kassar tonight!

One day…

Professor Emeritus Barrett Hazeltine plays himself in The Blog

…until the world premiere of The Blog, BlogDH’s original webseries. Be sure to check out the teaser trailer for the series available right here. The dirty deetz on the premiere screening, to be held in Kassar Fox Auditorium at 9 p.m. tomorrow, and the afterparty are all available here.

Presenting “The Blog,” an original webseries

It’s finally here. We are proud to present The Blog, a parody webseries about Brown’s oldest campus newspaper and its bastard stepchild, BlogDailyHerald. The Blog follows the lives of four fictional BlogDH writers who struggle to find their place on Brown’s campus and in the Herald empire. Ever oppressed by The Herald’s editorial board, these bloggers are the ultimate underdogs. They strive for a vision that no one else quite understands and, in so doing, become thoroughly wrapped up in each other’s personal lives.

Join us in Foxboro Auditorium at Kassar House for a premiere screening on Thursday, April 5, at 9 pm! There will be a party starting immediately after the screening at Captain Seaweed’s (162 Ives Street). Find the Facebook event here.

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