BREAKING: President Paxson has a twin??

At BlogDH, we’re all about doppelgangers. We have a special doppelganger column, and we even welcomed a writer this semester who thinks that he’s Ellen DeGeneres. Thanks to a crucial news tip from a Blog alum, we have found the ultimate doppelganger pair that will shatter everything that you think you knew. We’re not sure how to conduct ourselves.

We have found a set of twins that will soon join the ranks of Mary Kate and Ashley, Tia and Tamera, and the Weasley twins if they haven’t already. We must also disclose that we’re almost positive these two people aren’t actually related. But one can dream.

Are you sitting down? Please do so before you proceed.

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 1.03.55 PMMeet President Paxson’s twin, or known to most as Amy Klobuchar, a US Senator from Minnesota (D). You recognize her name because you read her book, Uncovering the Dome, in your City Politics class. You might also know her as Minnesota’s funniest senator….or maybe you know her because she is LITERALLY CHRISTINA PAXSON WITH AN ORANGE SCARF.

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President Paxson releases “Response to the Reports On the Events of October 29, 2013”



Earlier today, President Paxson released an extensive “Response to the Reports On the Events of October 29, 2013” in an email to the entire Brown Community. The response addresses the ongoing investigation of the campus events that surrounded then-New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s lecture at Brown. Paxson’s statement follows the two reports previously made by the investigative committee she charged to examine the lecture and the happenings that ensued last October.

In her email, Paxson reflects on how “this incident sparked often difficult discussions about critically important issues, including freedom of expression and the limits of protest; racism and the mistreatment of communities of color by police; and, ultimately, the kind of community we strive to be—issues with which the committee grappled in its work.” 

The response itself is divided into two sections. The first, Freedom of Expression and Protest at Brown, is intended to “reaffirm [the University’s] commitment to freedom of expression, which is essential in fulfilling the University’s mission. The second, Responses to the Committee’s Recommendations,”addresses the committee’s recommendations for Brown to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community while upholding our commitment to the free exchange of ideas.”

Read President Paxson’s entire response here.

Amuse-Bouche: Succotash

If you’re a fan of Thayer Street’s Coco Pazzo and English Cellar Alehouse, you should check out Sorbo Restaurant Group’s third and most-recent culinary opening, Succotash. I tried the new bruncheonette over Family Weekend and was pleasantly impressed. President Paxson was even noshing a few tables away from me; I unfortunately failed to see what she ordered.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.33.22 PM

The atmosphere was reminiscent of Sorbo Restaurant Group’s other joints—a mix of high tables, cozy booths, wall-sized mirrors, and friendly service. If you were sad to The Apartment—a restaurant and bar frequented by many upperclassmen last spring—close and Succotash take its place, you’ll be comforted by the old space’s preservation. Yes, you can dig in to a stack of berry pancakes with cinnamon maple syrup on the former stage or order a fresh-squeezed juice from the old bar. Continue Reading

President Paxson hosting community forum tonight

UPDATE: We’ll be live-blogging tonight’s forum starting at 8:30 p.m. Check back for our coverage of the event.

This afternoon, President Paxson sent out a campus-wide email informing Brown students and staff of a forum, to be held at 8:30 pm tonight in Alumnae Hall, for a discussion of the “exposed divisions in the Brown community.” After a week of multiple issues regarding free speech on campus, the community is invited to have what is hoped to be a uniting and organized dialogue.

This is the second email the University president has sent regarding Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s unsuccessful attempt to lecture on campus about New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the message:

Did you really read those mass emails from President Paxson?


This weekend, the Brown Corporation (which functions as the board of directors for the University) met for one of its tri-annual meetings to discuss policy and the state of Brown, including capital projects, acceptance of gifts, Paxson’s strategic plan, and the decision to divest endowment funds from companies that either use or mine coal.

Brown students are wont to skim these sorts of emails—especially when two lengthy ones enter their inboxes simultaneously. Didn’t catch all the details in President Paxson’s emails? We’re here to break down the news from the Corporation meeting.

Brown will not divest from coal. The issue of divestiture from coal has been promoted by Brown Divest Coal for several semesters and considered by an ad hoc committee of the University’s Corporation, appointed by Paxson, since May. In a separate email to the University community entitled “On the Matter of Divestment from Coal,” Paxson explains that the Corporation made the decision not to divest from coal in its weekend meeting. In this email, Paxson explains that the Corporation approached the topic through “serious, thoughtful and robust discussion” that “covered the full range of perspectives.” Read more about the specific perspectives covered in the email here. Continue Reading

Today’s the day: President Paxson’s Inauguration

The ceremony celebrating the Inauguration of President Paxson will be taking place today at 2 p.m. on the Main Green (rain site: OMAC). The Inauguration Ceremony will begin with a procession of members of the Brown community and several representatives from other colleges and universities. Traditional symbols of the Brown presidency, Inauguration, and other ceremonial occasions will be presented. Governor Lincoln Chafee ’75, Mayor Angel Taveras, Senator Jack Reed, and Princeton President Shirley Tilghman will all make remarks during the ceremony, and President Paxson will deliver the Inaugural Address. All are welcome to attend the ceremony, which will be followed by a reception on the Main Green (or the OMAC, if it’s raining).

This is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Be proud of your university and its rich tradition. Ra Ra Brunonia!

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