“War on Jesse Watters” continues

Let the saga continue! Apparently, our beloved Jesse Watters – we hate you too – made news this past week on POLITICO for, wait for it, supposedly giving $500 to, wait for it, President Obama’s reelection campaign. Yes, this is the same Jesse Watters who called Obama voters “zombies” and basically implied that all Brown students are atheist foot soldiers in the “War on Christmas.”

This honestly seems a little sketchy (and too funny to be true), but according to the FEC filing report, Watters, or someone with the same name, employer, and address, gave 500 dollars to the Obama Victory Fund 2012 in late September.

We would like to think that all of those times he came to Brown to harass talk with us inspired him to support the elected President before it was cool. Or maybe he just wanted to keep his job, by making fun of a President that he “doesn’t agree with” and by reporting serious and pressing news…like the “War on Christmas.”

PollerBears: Election reaction edition

Sooo election day happened. We reelected a president. We reacted. Despite the fact that the post-election buzz is dying down, some of you are still reacting. Which brings us to a very essential question…

Is it still socially acceptable to talk about the outcome of the election on Facebook?

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