Overheard at ADOCH 2014


Sexy ADOCH logo

Oh, ADOCH. On Tuesday we awaited the dewy-eyed admitted students you would bring, and now we sadly wave goodbye as you as your cheery participants leave us on trains and Peter Pan buses. It all went by so fast; one second we were offering prospies directions and our rendition of why Brown is hot shit amazing, and the next we were seeing our prefrosh and their sleeping bags out the door. Now that ADOCH is over, we can reflect on the good, the bad, and the brilliant that came out of the mouths of prefrosh and student, alike. We here at Blog made sure to keep our ears sharp, and here is what we heard:

Some were observational…

“I mean, libraries here are, like, not actual libraries…”

“Everyone here is soooo attractive oh my god”
“She’s actually studying piles of things.”
Some had legitimate questions…
“So when are we going to run into Emma Watson?”
“Aren’t like most of the classes here pass/fail or something?”
“What’s Sex Power God…?”