Occupy Providence Marched to Teach-In

At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, members of Occupy Providence met at Burnside Park to march up the hill to Brown’s Main Green. Protesters carried signs, played make-shift instruments, and chanted things like “we are the 99%, you are the 99%” and “banks got bailed out, we got sold out.” Passing drivers honked their horns and cheered out their windows in support. With Brown Police standing by, Occupy Providence paraded under Faunce Arch and filed into a packed Salomon DeCiccio Auditorium to attend the Teach-In for Occupy College Hill. Occupy Providence has since released its first mission statement to the public.[nggallery id=68]

Occupy Wall Street Comes to Brown

Brown students came out to the Main Green for College Student Walk Out Day, an event inspired by Occupy Wall Street

If you passed by the Main Green yesterday around noon you probably noticed a large circle of people gathered on the grass. Over 75 students, faculty and local residents all came out in solidarity with College Student Walk Out Day, in which students across the country skipped class to gather in public places at 12 pm. The stated purpose of the gathering was to discuss future plans for a growing offshoot of Occupy Wall Street called Occupy Providence. The conversation started out with discussion on the Occupy Wall Street protests and later shifted to a debate on whether or not the Brown community should join forces with Occupy Providence. There was also the option of creating separate Occupy Brown or Occupy College Hill organizations. Another gathering was held at 2 pm on campus.

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Today is Stupid Demonstration Day, apparently

If today’s Brown-and-Waterman anti-gay marriage protest didn’t sate your appetite for dumb and offensive protests, why not stop by the Hitler-Obama booth on Thayer near Waterman? They also have pamphlets and look more eager to chat than the last group did.

Crusaders for traditional marriage take over Waterman

UPDATE 12:35 PM: The protesters moved from outside JWW to Brown street by the Wriston entrance and loaded back into their vans and shipped off, to hundreds of students chanting “God loves gays!”  There have been some reports that the group is heading towards Hope High School.  There were many police officers on the scene as well as a few news outlets. Email blog@browndailyherald.com with any tips, photos, or videos.

See Thursday’s Herald for full coverage.

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WTF is happening on the Main Green?

There seems to be an incredibly large number of small white flags scattered about the Main Green.  Why could they possibly be there?  The answer after the jump! Continue Reading

DREAM Act demonstration on the Main Green

Students call senators in support of the DREAM Act.

On the Main Green? Wondering what the signs and bullhorns are all about? You probably caught the Brown Immigrants’ Rights Coalition noon demonstration in support of the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation that would provide a path to American citizenship for undocumented students. They’ll be there all day, asking students to call their senators in support of the Act.

Check out tomorrow’s Herald for full coverage.