Event Hopping: Two weeks, four events, infinite memories

Right, so, after the wild and multi-national success of the first two installations of this feature, I had to scale back my frequenting of these exciting events to do things like go to class (!) and do work (!!!!!). Luckily, I was still able to squeeze in a couple choice outings to some of the best events yet. Here they are.

Monday 11/26
Event: Biostatics/Lectureship Seminar: “Observational Studies in Health Care: Are They Any Good?”
Food: Cute chocolate-M&M cookies and coffee
Here’s a fun fact: the Public Health department is in, like, Warwick. OK, maybe not that far, but you can see water from the entrance to the building. In any case, their lecture–by the chair of the Columbia Statistics Department, who has a sick British accent–was doooooooope. Seriously, I loved it. Super interesting. You should check out his study here. Basically, they found that academic medical research on drug effects is very often discreditable, but can be optimized to be kind of worthwhile. Sorry, you’re bored now. But it was interesting, I swear. And cookies!
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