Ethical Inquiry: What do we make of Biggie and Eminem?


Every Thursday at noon the Philosophy DUG hosts a lunch in Wilson 101 providing anyone and everyone with free Kabob and Curry and savory conversation. The discussion led by Ben Seymour ’17 this week was no exception. Over chicken tandoori, we discussed a particularly relevant topic to Millennials, given the increased presence of mainstream rap music: things that are not okay to say on a day-to-day basis are often completely acceptable in rap lyrics. If someone happens to a slide a casual “F*ck b**ches, get money,” into a conversation over coffee, it probably wouldn’t be taken as lightly as it is when Biggie and Jr M.A.F.I.A. spit it on stage.

The matter did not come to a unanimous consensus in the 50 minute dialogue, but here’s the gist of what you missed:

Anyone who has listened to Biggie Smalls or Eminem is well aware that both of them produce violent, misogynistic, offensive lyrical content. While Eminem’s lyrics come from Marshall Mathers’ satirical character, Biggie’s lyrics are truer to his real-life actions. If Eminem is making a social commentary and Biggie is bringing attention to an unfortunate social reality, and both are expressing their messages through an artistic medium, how do we judge them morally?

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If the dining halls were rappers, who would they be?

Lucky for you all, I know the answer to the question that has been keeping you up at night. No, it’s not the pressing matter of “Do they like me back?” or, “Did I just fail my midterm?” or even, “Should I go out tomorrow night?” But rather, I can provide you with the long-sought answer to: “If the dining halls were rappers, who would they be?” See below, and thank me later.

Andrews Commons = Drake

“Started from the bottom, now we eating pho.”

Drake breaking it down, Andrews style

Andrews Commons is the hottest dining hall on the scene right now. It’s young, fresh, and multi-cultural. I have even heard that Andrews was on Degrassi for a while, but I’m not sure, that could just be a rumor. But in all seriousness, AC and Drake are so clearly twins (Can a person and a dining hall be twins? In this case, I’ll argue yes). Drake is everyone’s guilty pleasure, and Drake and AC can both provide happiness until the wee hours of the night. Whether you are feeling sad, hungry, happy, tired, defeated, or lonely, Drake is there for you. Slip in some headphones and bump some “Nothing Was the Same,” “Take Care,” or “Thank Me Later,” and all suddenly becomes better. Andrews provides the same source of solace; whether you are craving some nacho pizza, pho, ageless sushi, mystery calzones, or a beastly grinder, it has your back and never asks, “Are you sure you want all of that?” Finally – Drake hates breakfast, and Andrews Commons does not serve breakfast. He even raps about it –“Bank account statements just look like I’m ready for early retirement…I hate breakfast.” ‘Nuff said.

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College Hill (W)rap

(BlogDH) College Hill Rap
Summer is around the corner. And if you are like me and plan on staying here in Providence, then you are probably thinking to yourself, “Where the devil am I going to eat?” or “Do locals take over Thayer?”  Two valid questions, but here I only address the former… in rap form:
Antonio’s Pizza is way too cheesy,
And Harry’s burgers leave me queesy,
I need a nice slice of Heaven,
Gourmet foods 24/7.
Johnny rockets towards me, “Did you hear the news?
Kim’s mom is having a Korean BBQ!”
But I got one thing on my ravenous mind,
The paragon of hot sandwiches redesigned:
Let me get Mike’s Calzone,
Don’t like my pizza in a cone.
But I must postpone, Loui’s brunch has got me tweeting,
“Hey @Bob @NCurry on which street are we meeting?”
Later, text my lady friend “Dinner date?”
But depressed Andrea’s in a blue state;
No spice in her life, no buzz in her socket,
Perhaps she wants a reach into my east side pocket?
Just shaved my fro, yo—my fashion’s on lock,
I purchase steel-toe boots to get that iron walk.
Shades plus red-striped, shark-skin pantaloons,
In ABP or BBC, I’m looking like a straight goon.
So ban me (if you please) from this collegiate hill,
I’ll take a drive through Pawtucket for some Garden Grille.
How many references did you count? Tell us below…

Students who do cool things: William Twyman (aka Chuck Da Ruckus) ’16

Say hello to Renaissance man William Twyman ’16, a freshman linebacker, BEO concentrator, and musician.  Although he is a jack of many trades, Twyman has always had a strong interest in music. During his teenage years, Twyman discovered that he had a knack for freestyling and started recording music by his junior year of high school under the name “Chuck Da Ruckus.” Chuck Da Ruckus quickly gained recognition in the freestyle community and on Brown’s campus for his music videos for “Friday Night Fade” and “Most Consistent.” Read more after the jump. Continue Reading

Nostalgia Trip: Rap of Our Tweenhood

Remember middle school dances? The ones where no one really knew how to grind yet and just kinda danced around in circles? We were young, naïve, and just wanted to have a good time, albeit an awkward time. We were tweens. Maybe it’s because college makes me feel old, but recently I’ve been remembering those middle school days and rediscovering some of the great/funny rap songs of not-so-long ago. Here are a few helpful suggestions for some classic pre-game music this weekend. Enjoy the nostalgia and the ridiculous music videos.

Jagged Edge feat Nelly “Where the Party At”

Don’t you just wish you could parachute yourself onto a beach resort sometimes? Where is that Bacardi anyway?  Continue Reading