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It’s a new year and the most notorious beverage of 2010 has refused to join its peers in beverage heaven. While reformulated Four Loko shipments, sans caffeine, are in the process of returning to stores, cases of the now-outlawed caffeinated version are being recycled. According to Time, wholesalers have decided to send their excess stock to Virginia-based MXI Environmental Services, a facility which is capable of distilling Four Loko (and similar alcoholic energy drinks) in order to extract ethanol. The plant then sells the ethanol for use in gasoline and recycles the aluminum cans, shipping containers and even Loko’s water content for use elsewhere. So, in the conclusion of the Four Loko story, we see how individuals can find a way to make good of an atrocity–like when SNL parodied Sarah Palin and actually got some laughs. Luckily for those looking to get loco, several stores have opted to keep selling original Four Loko under the FDA’s nose for prices as high as $10 per can. With so many other methods of irresponsible consumption available to the college student, how long will Four stay afloat?

When environmental consciousness leads to obesity, kind of

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Don’t get us wrong; we relish saving the environment as much as the next college blog, but ever since Brown discontinued the sale plastic water bottles, other (more trivial) issues have surfaced.

According to the Providence Journal, Brown is the first Ivy League school to purge itself of the environmentally-offensive plastic water bottles. (And that is pretty tremendous. Of course Brown had to be first. That’s who we are.)

“While plastic water bottles are often more practical, Brown has been really good about distributing reusable ones,” freshman David Jacobs commented while sipping from his aluminum canteen.

Based 100% on anecdotal and flimsy evidence, however, some Brown students seem slightly insulted by the dearth of expendable, portable potables.   Continue Reading