Time-waster of the Day: November 30, 2012

I feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy would be on one of those top 40 nostalgia wish lists that BuzzFeed puts out about the ’90s. Indeed, I do fret about a generation of children not learning from this guy. Fortunately, according to Reddit, Nye will be bringing his talents to a whole new generation via the iPad. It’s called AERO 3D Bird Flight, and its title is pretty descriptive: “AERO is a beautiful, open-world 3D bird-flight game that teaches the physics principles behind the power of flight.” Honestly, the game looks actually somewhat enjoyable as a study break, but it won’t ever come into existence without our help. Nye is using a Kickstarter to get the funding for the app (because he doesn’t have enough money right now??). As of 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, 464 backers had pledged $6,580 out of the $100,000 goal. May the ’90s gods be in Nye’s favor; we want to see this app become a reality.

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