BlogWeeklyJamz: “Kendrick have a dream”
PBR&B – Unless – On Fire
Dude that car is gonna hit you!!! Oh, I forgot you had the power of love lol.

Jam of the Week Autre Ne Veut – Counting
Jeezum crow, this is a damn good song! It’s Pitchfork-approved but also makes me want to sensually body roll. Awkward when I found out it was a song dedicated to his dead grandma.

Indie  – Shugo Tokumaru – Decorate
This a cool new video from my main man Shugo, but his two masterpieces are still Green Rain, which changes time signatures like a motherfucker, and Rum Hee, which I have played during the walk in-between Governor St and the Bio Med building more than I feel comfortable admitting. それに, it’s funny to try to sing along to the Japanese and fail. Continue Reading