Restaurant review: Toledo

If you’ve spent any time walking up or down Thayer this year, then you have most certainly been posed with the question: “What exactly is a cone zone?” For months, Brown pedestrians have asked themselves what the mysterious new “Mediterranean Experience” undergoing construction might be. An ice cream parlor? An Italian themed laser park extravaganza? The possibilities were limitless… Continue Reading

Guide to Family Weekend 2010: The path slightly less traveled edition

Fall in Providence — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

Supposedly Brown students don’t leave the campus area as often as we should. (Wait, there are other streets besides Thayer?) You and your family may be tired of looking around the Brown campus and Thayer Street, so check out these slightly off Thayer destinations.

For everyone:
Historic crap on College Hill: Just walk around and absorb that historic atmosphere in the beautiful fall weather. And we mean crap in the best way possible.

The State House: They give tours, right? Go see what the RI legislature is up to these days.

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Prepare yourself for something new in food

A house on the corner of Thayer and Euclid will soon be home to Toledo, a Mediterranean restaurant, according to a sign in front of the building. The restaurant is the latest in a series of new restaurants opening or starting construction on Thayer.

Toledo also continues the trend of opening a restaurant with a cuisine already well-represented on Thayer. As much as people love Chipotle (and have pined for one for years), we already had at least three other burrito sources on the same street – Baja’s, Bagel Gourmet Ole, and Gordito Burrito. And now Toledo will be the fifth restaurant on Thayer with at least some Mediterranean flair (preceded by East Side Pockets, Paragon, Andrea’s, and Kartabar).

Although the signs on the buildings promise something unique.

Wonder what this Cone Zone is….